We offer download links for both the Lite version (free/GPL3) and the PRO version. The PRO version requires an activation code to be used. If you did not purchase a license, you can request a trial code to test drive its features.

Asternic Call Center Stats Lite

The open source version of our software. You can use it for free on any number of servers. System requirements: PHP 5.1 or higher, Mysql 5.

DownloadVersion 1.5

Installation Guide

Asternic Call Center Stats PRO

The commercial version of our software. Requires a license to run. System requirements: PHP 5.1 or higher, Mysql 5, Perl.

Installation Guide

Current release

Download Version 2.1.1
Release date: March 2016


  • Fix csv export on answered call details (added ringtime field that was missing)
  • Added yesterday shortcut to Home tab
  • Update/Fix generate outbound routes contexts php script to use full prefix
  • Use dictionary queue on login/logoff for multiple queues
  • Remove ring time subquery that is too slow from distribution queries
  • Allow search for clid via rest ?entity=search&clid=1234
  • Accept YYYY-MM-DD as 3rd parameter in so we can run from batch on old files passing the date instead of using t oday's date
  • Fire userevent on extensions_custom_asternic_outbound so the Tag Queue Call plugin works with outbound calls
  • Ability to set status colors via Designer
  • Add reports by tag field
  • Fix selection of year in home tab from outside default range

Older releases

Download Version 2.1.0
Release date: December 2015


  • Add reports by did and show_did_field setting (separating them from url reports)
  • Rest reports now includes custom reports when using JOIN_TABLE in designer (for call tags or similar reports)
  • Refactor Agent reports to have better handling of session time when multiple queues are involved
  • Add realtime_alarm_pause_duration_type to alarm pause for reason
  • asterniclog will now stop when the complete file is processed when run with --purge option
  • Update asterniclog so it converts BLINDTRANSFER and ATTENDEDTRASNFER events as just TRANSFER
  • Add -g logdir option to asterniclog to save to asterniclog.log
  • Remove plus sign from destination filenames in so the web download and play works fine
  • Real Time Clock honours the timezone setting
  • Fixes for MySQL 5.6 compatibility
  • Fix on search query, avoiding subqueries make it faster/work.
  • Use the application title on mail body instead of hardcoded 'Asternic'
  • Remove stray % sign on csv export for agent dispositions
  • Add REALTIME_COLUMN_WIDTH_GROUPED to report designer
  • Add ACL queueactions to allow or disallow all actions in realtime
  • Add ACL logout-pause-agents to allow or disallow options to logout and pause unapuse in realtime
  • Fix basepath so asternic installed on webroot on server works fine
  • Add support for grouping queues, so you can run reports by 'group' or individual queues
  • Asorted Fixes on REST interface: short_abandon honored, queue filters honored, etc.
  • Separate url reports from did reports using info5 field with newer asterniclog, so we can have reports by Tag and by DNID at the same time
  • Add trigger script option to asterniclog daemon (-t)
  • Add dict_pause setup in order to setup friendly names for pause codes
  • Read LASTDIAL ASTDB entry for shared_last_call setting so it updates last call info in realtime for outbound calls
  • Add realtime_agent_sort option by 'name'

Download Version 2.0.9
Release date: April 2015


  • Fix showing custom columns/fields only if COLUMN_XXX is set
  • Updates to mysql queries to work together with tagQueueCalls FOP2 plugin
  • Add reports_by_custom.php
  • Updates asterniclog to work with UPDATEFIELD events as set by the tagQueueCalls FOP2 Plugin
  • Change some asterniclog references to tailqueuelog
  • More verbose license version message
  • Add ACTIONDEBUG in config.php to have a debug on spy actions written to /tmp/steal.log
  • Fix realtime when having real Agent/xxx and dict_agent not showing
  • Fix column name % ses time in agent availability
  • Fix typo in asterniclog help for daemon option
  • Fix makefile php version
  • Be sure to not abort real time status if agent is of kind Agent or SIP for pbxware or asterisk 1.6
  • Add restUser to database users sql definition

Download Version 2.0.8
Release date: March 2015


  • Add targets to Makefile so we can install parts of it
  • Add option to request individual html reports using url user=xxx\&password=yyy\&start=xxxx\&qeueus=all\&report=xxxx\&nomenu=1 for future ghostjs pdf exporting, also BIG change in session calculation in process_agent_query and process_agent_query_detail
  • Fix exporting graphs on pdf for distribution with keyflow
  • sanitize filename on save.php
  • set uft8 for mysql connetions on asterniclog/tailqueuelog and if we can set charset from php, set it to utf8 also
  • Fix autocomplete in admin page that was broken on last version
  • Close pipe when querying agent names in tailqueuelog/asterniclog
  • Always load english for showing help text in english if there is no native translation
  • Add realtime_last_hour_stats to show only last hour stats on realtime view
  • Be sure getqueues in rest shows all queues when there is no filter
  • Fix schedule reports to use auth context in every rest step
  • Fix json and rest agent and queue filters
  • Check license for plugins in menu
  • Fix json in realtime agent wall
  • In realtime set waiting calls to zero instead of null if there is no data
  • Fix holdtime in distribution query for events not completecaller/completeagent
  • Drill down on answered detail with file recording works now, Fixing uniqueid of div/javascript call. Also be sure to output a comma if json only in realtime.
  • Default to ALL in authorized agents/users when no user is set (for rest schedule to work)
  • Make asterisk running check for asterniclog service check for asterisk process and not asterisk owned processes
  • remove preFix from generate outbound routes for predial hook failover routes
  • Allow spaces on agent names in outbound tracking macro
  • Try to use subqueries to optimize searches by uniqueid or clid
  • Make dbgrid work with multi select on param and value
  • Make menus and index and login form relative/absolute path aware for plugins
  • Add sorting of agents in realtime agent status
  • Add realtime_agent_sort to setup to allow sorting of agentes in realtime view
  • Reduce font size to 11
  • Add agent logoff action in realtime
  • Add location for realtime agent status as title to see it in tooltip over agent name
  • Show pause icon on relatime agent status
  • Add pause/unpause actions to realtime
  • Add queue add/remove/pause to asmanager
  • Do not show not selected agents in realtime agent status
  • Extra parameter to head_report to pass column width
  • Add realtime_tracking_mode to chan spy, so spy sessions do not end when a call is hangup
  • Add REALTIME_STATUS_COLOR in designer, to allow changing of color states
  • Fix last call info in real time that was inherited to downward agents
  • Add custom outbound with failover and php script to generate related dialplan, so outbound track works with failover routes in freepbx
  • Add -skip option to asterniclog to sip sip/iax for use with hotdesk
  • Add answered call by url / agent
  • add filter field and value to answered ajax
  • Add filterfield and value to answered_reports function to have extended custom reports (all options drilled down)
  • Add AGENTS_INPENALTY in auto complete in designer
  • Move mixmonitor in outbound tracking to external leg so it records after transfer
  • Add AGENTS_INPENALTY to queue summary variables
  • Fix CSV export on distribution, missing url field for drill down export
  • Add extensions_custom_outbound for use with the FOP2 hotdesk plugin
  • Add option to export the drill down data in distribution reports
  • Display agent penalty in realtime
  • Format Fix in realtime functions
  • Fix json on realtime agent wall
  • Add asterniclog start to makefile
  • Format Fix in sched createcsv
  • Aadd agent pauses, dispositions and details to REST
  • Add json exporting to new reports (outgoing) and not show agent none in agent detail report
  • Translated text in admin acl
  • Avoid duplicate authorized queues and agentes in REST
  • Fix safe tailqueuelog typo
  • Increase verbosity on error on donwload.php
  • Replace # with %23 on filenames
  • Add ringcancel and dictionary_custom
  • Fix typo in safe_tailqueuelog
  • Be sure distribution by url is only shown if show_url_field is set
  • Remove old code from agent query
  • Fix distribution by agent php and set in mysql sql definition
  • Fix max callers when old asterisk log and info2 is null or empty
  • Fix search with autocompleted queues
  • Add Makefile for easier installation
  • Set font for export pdf on search
  • Add literal text with initial single quote to evalmath, so it is possible to add text on designer formulas
  • Default to position 1 when lack of info2 and info3 in exitwithtimetout, do not use binary comparison on materialized queries
  • Make better headers for csv exports in schedule
  • Do not use comma as thousand separator in csv export to avoid conflicts with separator
  • some Fixes to extensions_custom_dialout de freepbx, agent name with no spaces, check if ampuser exists or otherwise continue normally
  • Fix ringnoanswer 0 no insertion in tailqueuelog-source
  • Fix in realtime to show outbound calls duration/clid in latest asterisk
  • Prevent warnings
  • Add mail_report_subject and mail_alert_subject to config and sched send
  • Add wrapup setting to admin setup
  • Fix agent with magic-gpc off
  • Use Rest URL in sched_check
  • Do the stripslashes/addslashes to agent string for ' in agent names
  • Use prepared sql queries on tailqueuelog/parselog/tailcel
  • Add mixmonitor transfer to handle recordings of blind transferred calls
  • User prepared statements in tailqueuelog
  • Add all fields on agent session exports
  • Modify include-sesvars to escape agents with quotes

DownloadVersion 2.0.7
Release date: January 2014


  • Fix json export on call flow distribution
  • Fix tailcelfreepbx and tailcel when recovering from crash
  • Add class to download icon
  • Fix warning on footer when oth.php
  • Update html2pdf to latest version
  • Add call flow to distribution summary (for outbound reports)
  • Add pbxware and freepbx device to setup
  • Fixes to scheduled reports, image atachment, etc
  • Close php session on ajax realtime
  • Allow to schedule reports for one specific queue instead of all
  • Add freepbx device user check to realtime

DownloadVersion 2.0.6
Release date: December 2013


  • Fix drill down on distribution for call flow
  • update mysql-tables to 2.0.6
  • Merge again call flow changes to misc.php
  • Fix header on realtime display to be able to group even if not all queues are shown, also add debug from localhost
  • Pass complete query string when login in with user /pass
  • allow set queues in get request to start realtime as wallboard
  • Add tailcelfreepbx

DownloadVersion 2.0.5
Release date: September 2013


  • Add trigger.sql to repository
  • Fix typo in tailqueuelog for long info events
  • Update menu to accomodate distribution outbound reports
  • Remove comments
  • Updates and improvement in realtime view
  • update sql definitions for translations

DownloadVersion 2.0.4
Release date: July 2013


  • Fix mysql-tables sql to avoid duplicates (remove autoincrement in dump)
  • use replace instead ot insert in update_mix in order to get last filename when overflow occurs
  • Add call flow in distribution in out, improve realtime agent reports
  • Fix ringnoanswer 0 in tailqueuelog
  • Add materialized to sql queries
  • Add autocomplete and uniqueid to search

DownloadVersion 2.0.3
Release date: April 2013


  • Fix agent/queue dict names and selection on admin-user
  • Allow literal and or in clid search
  • Set general timezone if no user timezone is set
  • Fix incorrect grouping in distribution query
  • Filter ring no answer zero in agent dispo drill down

DownloadVersion 2.0.2
Release date: February 2013


  • Fix rest export of answered detail to include zero length calls and add uniqueid to csv exporting
  • Change agent query to calculate times based on timestamps for errors in info2 field
  • Add custom pauses with fop2 support
  • add safe_tailqueuelog script
  • Fix for asterisk 1.6 in realtime
  • insert default qagent and qname when purgin tables in tailqueuelog
  • Change default smtp user and pass plus minor bugFixes
  • Fix default_start_hour and default_end_hour
  • Fix export agent_durations
  • Fix realtime to not stop when acl does not include summary
  • Update parselog to use info4 field

DownloadVersion 2.0.1
Release date: December 2012


  • Realtime uses designer instead of being hardcoded
  • Bug Fixes in Realtime
  • Updated noty js library
  • Fix export icons when using wide character languages
  • Fixed minimum session time in agent summary if there is no data
  • Added scheduled reports option
  • Added custom_reports in setup to allow custom tabs
  • Improved error display when mysql credentials are wrong
  • Added SLA variable to realtime reports
  • Add patch for recordings on FreePBX 2.10
  • Added tailcel script
  • SQL Realtime table is now cached per user
  • Fixes to avoid warningson PHP 5.3
  • Fix on short abandon in unanwered reports
  • Fix dict_agent on realtime page
  • sla_xxx variables can be set per queue
  • Add queuelog action to asmanager.php to fake queue events in log from script
  • Add callerid name to realtime page using AMI Status, also added column widht for realtime agent table
  • Fix avg metric in unanswered calls summary
  • Update tailqueuelog to have variable info field insert and bind values
  • Fix realtime agent status markup when grouping by queue
  • Update tailqueuelogFreePBX28 to use a better insert in process line
  • Built in parse_json when json support is not available in php
  • Fix realtime agent display for agents with dash in names
  • Make javascript and jqplot ie8 compatible
  • Use dictionary names in user setup
  • Fix delimiter for old asterisks (asterisk_12) in realtime spy coach
  • update sql tables definition to add languages

DownloadVersion 2.0.0
Release date: September 2012

DownloadVersion 1.9.3
Release date: May 2012

What people say

Thank you so much for making my life easier in monitoring calls, though I'm just using a trial version yet customer support replied to my ticket really quick. I'll update you once I pass some recommendation with my boss about your product and I'll be glad to recommend your product to my colleagues. More Power!!!
Carl Quimada
My major thanks for developing this application! It is nothing short of spectacular. The MP3 article worked perfectly, and we just purchased our pro license.
Charles C. Robinson
I dont remember having a fastest and concise answer from any support department before.
Borja Garcia
I want to compliment you on your excellent documentation for the install guide. It even let a novice like me complete the download and install.
William J. Gillis, III
Great handy piece of software you've made. Have been using it together with * since 2005 in our non-profit organization. Very pleased.
Kari Kandell
Let me also congratulate you on what a fantastic job you have done... on all your products.. they are clean, easy to use, useful and easy to install. I wish i had someone like you on my staff for our developments. FOP2 is just brilliant. Seriously. Excellent job.
Tony Sampano